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Published Articles


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Conferences, Seminars & Other professional Development Sessions


Building reading strategies/strategic readers in English Medium Universities’ PYPs. Plenary session, Prince Sultan University. April 20, 2016.


What’s in proficiency ? (workshop for INTERLINK/YU instructors, Professional Development week November 1-5, 2015).

Calibration of Grading: Exploring teachers’ Perception (Workshop led jointly with S. Sengupta and G. Kormpas for INTERLINK/YU instructors, Professional Development week November 1-5, 2015).


Project-Based Learning (Workshop for SILC/YU, August 26, 2014)


Implementation of Project Based Approach:  Portfolios, Instruction and assessment (Workshop led jointly with S. Holley for INTERLINK/YU instructors, August 27, 2013).


Introducing Curriculum changes 2012 (Workshop for INTERLINK/YU instructors, September 25, 2012).


Introducing Curriculum changes 2009: Overview and Rationale (Workshop for INTERLINK/YU instructors, October 18, 2009).


Perspectives on developing students’ reading strategies at SILC (Workshop for INTERLINK/YU instructors, December 23, 2008).


“Reading research articles online/offline and in print.” Paper presented at TESOL Arabia 2007 Conference. Dubai. UAE. 15 –17 March.


In and out of worlds through genre. Paper presented at Constructing Worlds Through Language conference. Faculty of Letters and Humanities. Sfax, Tunisia. 29-30 April 2005.


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“Developing reading strategies or strategic readers? Issues in strategy training.” Paper presented at the First Study Day on  Strategies of learning, Faculty of Letters in Sfax, Tunisia. 8 March 2003.


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Evaluating the effectiveness of Metacognitive Strategy Training in reading research article using pre- and post-course retrospection. Paper presented at the 36th Annual TESOL Convention, Salt Lake City, USA. April 2002.

“Explication de texte revisited in an ESP context.” ITL Review of Applied Linguistics. 137-138: 233-251, November 2002.


“The reading teacher at the crossroads.” Paper presented at the First International TEFL Conference, Damascus, Syria. March 2001.