What is Transformative Education?

 I believe

the fulfillment of educational goals can only happen with fulfilled parents and teachers.

By and large, educational systems and societal paradigms have been producing and reproducing the same patterns of thought, exhibiting little ability to adapt and change. And our students are the ones who suffer. Every year, they get the same strategies that produce the same average results.

Think about it, have your children participated in the same activities you did ten, twenty or, thirty, or years ago?

Our system doesn’t focus on the individual learner.

Nope, we’ve all been trained to figure out what can be “done” to the learner to “make” them learn, to ‘make’ them motivated in the ESL class.

At home, parents are in a frenzied pursuit of how to “make” their child disciplined, eat his/her vegs, get good grades at school, and later on ace that dream job.

In a nutshell, neither parents nor teachers have been trained for the type of students we get in our classes or the type of children we deal with in our homes today.

 I suggest we adopt a deeper and more holistic Transformative approach to educating our children and students, an approach that looks into what we ourselves as teachers and parents bring to the table.

A deep cognizant understanding of our own inner self-image as a human being, including our own good and not so good paradigms and habits...our fears and joys...wins and setbacks...strengths and weaknesses, and how these factor in and affect the way we teach and educate children is essential to moving away from purely behavioral into transformative empathetic ways of education.

Transformative education helps you understand and connect with who you are as a parent and a teacher, and you can use that as a springboard to better understand, connect,  and empathize with your child and your students to better serve them, enjoy the journey with them, and tackle any issue that may arise from a place of connectivity rather than resistance.

 In other words…connection before direction…teaching not pushing.

I believe the change needs to be inside out

It is time for a paradigm shift.

By changing our old thinking patterns and habits, embracing a new mindset, and adopting an innovative set of practices and sound pedagogical strategies  you can bring about successful learning experiences and outstanding life accomplishments in both your students and your own children.


In times of change, learners inherit the earth…while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

– Eric Hoffer, Author, Philosopher

Dr. Nebila Dhieb is an educator with a PhD degree in applied linguistics and ESL/EFL, who specializes in the metacognitive aspects in the learning process.

Nebila is also certified PGI consultant and helps parents and schools create enjoyable learning experiences for their children.

She has spoken at local, MENA-regional, and international conferences such as TESOL and TESOLARABIA. She is the author of many published articles on how metacognition affects the way we read and how it can be effectively managed to help ESL learners, and the book Understanding Reading in a Scientific Context.

Nebila’s background and experience in teaching English and managing English programs in different settings from far off underprivileged schools to the most avant garde private higher institutions over more than 25 years has helped her appreciate the relationship between the parents’ and the teacher’s mindset and children’s performance at school and in life thereafter.

Our children deserve to see the best version of yourself to set them for success in life

Your students deserve to get the best version of teacher you can be in their class.

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