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Your students deserve to have the best teacher of English in their class.

Are you a fresh graduate striving to find a system that compounds practice to theory?

Are you an international teacher of English aspiring to relocate to the Middle East/Gulf region and need a system that will quickly bring you up to speed with best practice in those contexts?

Are you a teacher of English aspiring to create an unforgettable learning experience for your students?

Are you a teacher of English who believes that teaching English is less about grammar and vocabulary and more about training students to become skilled

  • readers/speakers of the language,

  • critical thinkers,

  • autonomous,

  • lifelong learners?

Are you overwhelmed by what’s going on in ESL education and need a quick, holistic, step by step system that guarantees you an enjoyable teaching experience, an outstanding learner performance and parents’ satisfaction?

Bring your ESL practice up to speed in 4 easy weeks or less

Hands-on, practical tips to take straight to your classroom

Recap cheat sheets for each module


Let me help you cut across all that noise.

I'll introduce you to the latest research and practice in the field field (reading, speaking, listening, student motivation, course/lesson planning, evaluation...and so much more), and guide you to effortlessly apply this research.

We'll compound that with a deep understanding of local cultural contexts and more importantly…  show you how to convert that into practical tips and applications that you can immediately take to your classroom.

You will feel more confident and have an invincible strong mindset to go and teaching ESL/EFL anywhere and enjoy every bit of the process.

You will be able to:

  • Easily lead and manage your students/classes towards successful and enjoyable learning experience
  • Create amazing lessons, courses and never worry or think back whether you will finish the course in time or not
  • Better understand how learners learn and grow into independent autonomous learners
  • Design and implement appropriate and challenging learning experiences
  • Learn how to quickly adapt your teaching and easily navigate between different contexts and age groups (and take any job you like!): General English, English for Specific Purposes, Teaching English to Young or Special Needs Learners etc.
  • Understand the central concepts of transformative education and master the latest and most effective tools and techniques in the discipline

Fast Track to TESL/TEFL

Go from ‘just another teacher of English' to

"Wow…that’s the teacher I learned so much from" in just 4 easy weeks!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”   Buckminster Fuller

Request Dr. Dhieb to Speak at Your Event or Conference

Request Dr. Dhieb to Speak at Your Event or Conference

Dr. Dhieb has spoken at educational conferences throughout the Middle East and internationally. She has presentations available on ESL instructional strategies, teaching reading, and metacognition. Let's talk about scheduling her to speak at your event.

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